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We will move anything that one man can move. We do not move beds, antiques, chest-of-drawers, breakables, or electronics. Keeping the above in mind, we suggest the following to prepare for your carpet cleaning.


Turn A/C down to 68 degrees because you want to create a dry, cool environment in order for the carpet to dry in a timely manner

If the house is empty, we will need the water and electricity turned on. This will allow the carpet to dry in a timely manner to prevent any mildew problems.

Please make arrangements for pets to be in the back yard or in a room that we are not cleaning. The door that we use to bring in the hoses will remain open until the cleaning is completed.


Carpet Protection

Once your carpet has been cleaned, the application of fiber protection, such as Teflon® Advanced by Dupont or Scotchguard will extend the life of your carpet by reducing re-soiling and the chances of permanent staining. Much like wax on a cars finish, a fabric protector coats each fiber, protecting against all types of liquid spills and dry soil. Liquids tend to bead up on the surface for easier removal and soil particles do not cling to fibers, making dry vacuuming more effective.

How often should I have my carpet deep cleaned?

The answer varies depending on the household size and considerations. If you have children or pets, you may want to have your carpet deep cleaned at least twice per year. Otherwise, we suggest once every year. Carpet flooring is comfortable, cozy, and soft on your feet. It also absorbs dirt, dust, spills, and more. The best way to keep your carpet clean in-between deep cleanings is to dry vacuum it at least twice per week; more often if you have children or pets.
Carpet may be damp for 4 to 12 hours after cleaning. We suggest light traffic and to be careful walking from carpet to tile areas to prevent accidents.
You will need to pick up everything off the carpet area where we will be cleaning. Smaller furniture may be moved to an area we are not cleaning, such as a tile area.
If the carpet has not been vacuumed in a week or more, vacuuming before we clean will result in a cleaner carpet.
Remove all items off anything you wish the technician to move and clean under, such as end tables and night stands.

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Proudly servicing the East Valley, our company enjoys a reputation that is second to none. Carpet MD offers years of experience in cleaning and maintaining commercial and residential carpets and is an established and reputable cleaning business that offers a whole spectrum of cleaning and restoration solutions tailored to your needs.

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